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About the conference

DotNext 2018 Moscow is a technical .NET conference that takes place on November 22-23, 2018, in Moscow.

Here, at DotNext, you can find such world’s leading experts as Jon Skeet, Sasha Goldshtein, Dino Esposito, Andrey Akinshin, Mark Seemann, Karel Zikmund and other .NET community gurus; developers from Google, Microsoft, JetBrains, StackOverflow, and other companies; the top authors and leaders of the largest Russian developers’ communities.

The upcoming conference will bring together more than 30 speakers giving their talks devoted to the future of .NET platform, performance and concurrency optimization, CLR and .NET platform inner workings, .NET code profiling and debugging.

Besides, the high-quality 1440p online-broadcast allows those who can’t reach Moscow in person to take part in the conference, along with an opportunity to ask speakers any questions.

Discussion zone

Do you know the feeling when you raise your hand to ask a question and the track owner announces: "There’s time left for one question only"? Of course, he doesn’t pick you to ask that question. And then the speaker disappears behind the doors of the speaker room. To make sure this situation never happens, we’re setting up dedicated discussion zones: special areas with a flip-chart for drawing, a couple of seats and an opportunity to pour a cup of coffee or two. The discussion zone opens right after the talk finishes. This is the place to chat with the speaker, ask questions about the talk or to get some advice on your projects.

Discussion zone