From monolith to microservices: history and practice

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This talk deals with a case of switching from monolithic to microservice architecture.

There is a lot of information on how to build an app based on microservices, but not on how to switch smoothly, to evolve from one architecture to another. However, this is a pressing issue, as many companies now consider dividing their software systems to several loosely coupled services in order to face challenges appearing before them. We'll study several facets of this matter: dividing source code of the monolith, organizing source code storage, working with existing database of the monolith, choosing new infrastructure and testing tools which are a must have in the microservice architecture.

This talk is aimed at lead developers, architects and team leads who want to divide their monolithic systems or have already started the process but face some difficulties.

This talk not only offers tips, but also describes several situations in which these practices helped to reach the goal.

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