Stranger Things: Vulnerabilities in .NET Platform

Track 3 | 13:50

Everyone has seen the security bulletins from Microsoft and installed patches described in them. Periodically vulnerabilities related to .NET platform flash in bulletins. That is what is going to be discussed in this talk. What types of security vulnerabilities are found in .NET Framework? What could be an aim of an attacker? How knowledge of the typical attacks does help to develop secure applications? Along with an audience, Mikhail will disassemble these and other safety issues of .NET platform. There will be considered fault code, leading to vulnerabilities, as the boundaries of security assurances platform will be defined. Mikhail will tell what common mistakes developers can meet in their applications and how to avoid them. There will be many demo vulnerabilities found in ASP .NET, .NET Remoting and fresh .NET Core.

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Mikhail Shcherbakov

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Independent Consultant

Mikhail is Microsoft .NET MVP, .NET community leader in St. Petersburg and Moscow, an independent software developer and consultant. His professional area is static and dynamic code analysis, information security, automatization of debugging code, the research of the internal .NET CLR.

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